LTP: A growing family

Lufthansa Technik Philippines has reached a breakthrough number of having more than 3,300-headcount – a combination of highly skilled English-speaking mechanics, engineers, and support personnel. From the beginning, LTP believes that a company that values its workforce as much as its customers is a company that will continue to excel and succeed. Hence, LTP makes the workplace more like a home to its growing family.


Year after year, the multinational company remains to be one of the most sought after employers for graduates of Aviation and Aeronautical degrees.


"Lufthansa is a global brand and that is a big attraction to our candidates. These people look forward to the technology, learning, and experience", says Ms. Maylene Briones, Vice President for Human Resources at LTP.


The goal of the Human Resources Department is to give every employee the total experience – starting with a competitive package of compensation and benefits bundled up with trainings and international exposure. Not to mention the several programs geared towards increasing capabilities, enhancing leadership and management skills, and advancing the skillsets of personnel.


"The moment that we hire them, our vision is clear and that is to give them a good employee experience. We strive to attract and hire the best people. We continuously raise the bar on how we can be a better employer."


Moreover, LTP aims to foster a culture that promotes staff engagement. The company sees to it to not only attract new employees but to also retain and allow growth of talents.


At the end of the day, the goal is not just to make LTP an MRO provider of first choice in Asia, but to also be the employer of first choice of people.