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Giving back

Social initiatives and environmental protection

Our work is taking care of aircraft and ensuring that safe and reliable flight operations for our customers and their passengers every day.  To date, Lufthansa Technik Philippines employs about 2,800people, and we have been growing steadily and positively for the last few years.

We realized that we wanted to give back, especially to the Philippine community, who has been so kind and generous to us all through these years. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Through our Corporate Social Responsibility Program, we have established many initiatives. They include the construction of new classrooms and the rehabilitation and upgrading of school facilities and equipment, We believe in the importance ensuring that students have the proper tools and support as they go through their formative academic years.

These projects span across the Philippines, and are part of our commitment to contribute to building a better educational support for children and their mentors - their teachers. Our CSR program started in 2007, and to date there are more than 60 beneficiaries who have already received aid from Lufthansa Technik Philippines.

Our employees play an active role in the nomination of beneficiaries.  The Employee Council is a strong partner and supporter in this advocacy.  Starting 2018, employees continue to show their generous spirit by helping fund these projects through voluntary contributions that are matched by monetary pledges from the Board.  In this way, employees and stakeholders get the chance to be personally and actively involved in this good cause. 

Disaster relief

After Typhoon Haiyan (local name: Yolanda) made landfall on 8 November 2013, it devastated areas of the Philippines.  The super typhoon caused massive destruction in the Visayas, particularly on Samar and Leyte. According to reports, about eleven million people were affected, many of which were left homeless.

Our CSR Committee, together with the German Charitable Organization HELP Alliance, sought to contribute to the rehabilitation efforts in the locality by rebuilding the Old Kawayan Elementary School. At that time, the school urgently needed four classrooms for its students who, in the meantime, were attending their classes in temporary makeshift classrooms.

Construction began in January 2015, and five months later two new buildings with two classrooms each, comfort rooms, furniture, and blackboards were completed. School supplies were also given to the students to support them in their studies.

Some communities also needed assistance with basic needs such as water. In this instance, Lufthansa Technik Philippines, through its mother company's (Lufthansa Technik AG) Executive Board, helped Barangay Sitio Castillo in Baler, Aurora, by rehabilitating their community health center. 


As an organization, we have to review and adjust our business where necessary in the light of changes in the energy landscape and do our part in contributing to a sustainable environment.

Part of Lufthansa Technik Philippines' Company Policy is the protection of the environment, including the prevention of pollution and the reduction of any environmental impact to an acceptable minimum. The company has gained certification for its compliance to ISO 14001:2015, which states that it's Environmental Management System is above standard.

Lufthansa Technik Philippines contributes its part through various initiatives. To ensure a healthier and more sustainable environment,, waste segregation is practiced. Non-biodegradable and hazardous materials are separated from biodegradable wastes.

The company is also committed to decrease its power, fuel and water consumption. In 2017, it reduced its energy consumption by 24% compared to 2013. Facility improvements such as the replacement of chiller units, installation of LED lights, and optimized energy utilization, among others, are credited for this significant improvement.